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Career Connectors recently polled 500 college students and learned that when it comes to seeking career guidance, none of the resources they used were as helpful with networking as they would have liked.

Sought Most Often for Career Guidance:

Friends 100%
Professors 60%
Family 60%
Career Services 40%

Rate the following statement:

My family member’s networks have been very useful to me in finding a job I like.

Who Is Most Helpful For What:

Who Sounding Board Encouragement Career Ideas References Networks Contacts Job Postings
Career Services

“My friends and family have provided the most help and have been springboards for various ideas I’ve had. I turn to them for constant encouragement throughout the process as well as perspective.”

“Parents and family are near useless. They are at the age where they have all the networking they need to find another job if they needed one tomorrow. They make it seem so easy to just contact any random person and ask a favor, and the ‘be yourself and be confident’ advice for interviews….guess what? That’s not as helpful as you think.”

“My professors pointed me towards the most common career paths and some examples of how to go about that, but have otherwise served mainly as references when needed.”

“The career services really just threw jobs at you but the good news was that plenty of companies were recruiting at my school for certain skills so there were plenty of opportunities, but mostly not in the area I wanted.”

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