Whether you’re searching for your first job or for a new job while holding down your current one, this process can seem incredibly overwhelming and taking the first step is the hardest. Career Connectors has the ability to transform these massive undertakings into manageable, bite size pieces so you can actually get where you’re going.

For me, the challenge was getting a new job that was a better fit for my skills and ambitions. When I began the dreaded search process and started to dust off my resume, I kept drawing a blank. I had garnered some valuable experience in the 2.5 years with my company, but struggled to translate it into a compelling narrative. That’s when Lisa stepped in. Lisa truly shines in her ability to see your full potential and make your story marketable. After about 30 minutes of outlining common themes in my previous experiences that were relevant to the job I wanted, I found the energy and direction to rewrite my resume and had useful talking points for my interviews as well.

What makes Lisa so effective at what she does is that she becomes your biggest advocate and will make you see your worth, whether you like it or not! She is relentless in helping you achieve your goals and is always on. Lisa met my new boss randomly on her commute home and within 10 minutes convinced her that she had to call me the next morning to interview me. Within a few weeks, I landed the job, got a 50% salary bump and seven months later, am happier than I’ve ever been.”

Tim Ryan, Ad Agency Planner
(Accounting major, SUNY Geneseo)
May 2014

So I heard from Vice yesterday… They made me an offer!!! I negotiated a little with salary so she’s revising and will send me a final offer likely on Monday!! Feels amazing to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Just wanted to let you know/update you because you played a huge role in helping me get a new job and I very much appreciate it. You have no idea how helpful you were, guiding me through the process.”

—Val DeVito, Consumer Insights Manager, New Media Company
(Photography major, SUNY New Paltz)
November 2014

Working with Career Connectors has been one of the best experiences I have had while looking for a job. As a recent graduate with a major that doesn’t scream specific job prospects I was a little lost. My college had never seen my major and so pushed me towards two career paths that were simply not interesting to me. When I came to Career Connectors, they gave me a proper introduction to the field I was most interested in. They provided me with information about the field, how it worked, different companies that were traditional and some that were pushing the boundaries of the field. We first worked on my resume, making sure it was eye- catching and showed my potential. Then they told me who would be best to network with and why. When I interviewed with companies, I now had support as they helped build my confidence and told me some really great ways to sell myself without coming off as arrogant. When I finally was offered a position, they helped me break into my new position by talking with me about the culture of the company, how I was fitting in, the work I was doing, and just all around being there.

Why Career Connectors is the organization you are looking for when you’re ready to start looking for jobs:

  • They get to know you. They learn about you and help you make connections in fields you want to be in. They don’t settle for you saying you want to do this or that but challenge you to figure out why.
  • They are not training you for something you don’t want to do, or shoving a bunch of job opportunities in your direction. They help you determine why you would be a great fit for a particular role and how to make it possible.
  • They make sure that you are happy where you are, and if you are not, they are right there to help you find another job.”

—Cher Gordon
BA Psychology, Union College, class of 2014

While looking for a new position is never an easy process, Lisa makes it so much easier with her professional skill set and positive can-do attitude. She asked the right questions aimed at understanding my passion, strengths and weaknesses. She also worked closely with me while writing my resume and cover letter and she provided constructive feedback as needed. Lisa was very committed to helping me find a new role and company that was the perfect fit for me. I would without a doubt recommend Career Connectors.

Golsa Afsharpour
Sr. Research Analyst at a San Francisco tech company
Psychology and Women’s Studies majors, UCSB
September 2014

Lisa is a breath of fresh air when searching for a job. She helped me to realize what my strengths were and what area I could potentially succeed in. She devoted her time to me to help me get in front of hiring managers. I am grateful for all of Lisa’s help and she really know her stuff. She is well aware of the ins and outs of the market research industry and is connected to a large number of smart individuals.

Theresa Tolan
MBA candidate
December 2014

Graduating college can be a scary time for some people, especially for those who don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do with themselves. Thankfully, I had Lisa helping me through this transitional period. With my true best interest at heart, Lisa shined a light of clarity into the post-college abyss, and helped me see that there is a world of opportunity out there. Together, we discovered my strengths, and she gave me the perfect training wheels so I could eventually go out on my own and network in a meaningful way.

Dan Light
Research Intern, WPP brand strategy company
Music major, Wesleyan University
December 2014

Lisa is a fantastic career coach. Through many discussions and a lot of collaborative thinking, she helped me understand exactly what I need to do to get to the next level in my career. She is a fantastic sounding board and even better at setting up a game plan.

Jake Rynar
University of Texas at Austin McCombs MBA candidate
BA Public Policy Analysis, Vanderbilt University
December 2014

In the years I've gotten to know Lisa, she has demonstrated a true passion for helping people find their true path in life through her career coaching services. She offers advice and mentors her subjects in a comprehensive and empathetic way that lets them know how much she truly cares about their journey while also being successful at getting them into the companies and roles they desire. She has a natural coaching ability and is able to yield tangible outcomes from her consulting sessions. In short, she is wonderful at what she does!

Whitney Dunlap-Fowler
Project Analyst, Brand and Cultural Insight
M.A. Media, Culture and Communications, NYU
December 2014