Our services are designed with the student in mind

  • Start early! To create the best possible outcomes for students, we recommend that they start the discovery process early in their college years.
  • Be strategic! By gaining early insight into what makes them tick in life, school and work, they can be intentional and even strategic in their choice of activities and academic pursuits. Of course, we recommend a liberal amount of experimentation, stretching and a dose of silliness along the way!
  • Be clear! The result? By the time they apply for their first job after graduation, they will be clearer about what they would like to do and better positioned to do it.

While our clients come to us at different stages on their career journey, we believe that by providing the right types of self-insight at the outset, we can co-create the fastest path to a satisfying career.

We have created a series of blog posts around the 4 main components of any career journey:

We try to include topics that are timely, relevant and that we would have wanted to hear more about when we began our own career journeys, but are 100% open to your suggestions.

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