We will help your children develop tools critical for successful career navigation.

Here’s what we recommend for students

  • Get an early start (freshman or sophomore year) by:
    • Taking stock of your interests, aptitudes and values
    • Becoming well-informed about suitable career paths
    • Learning to comfortably communicate about yourself to people who can help you
  • Enlist a buddy or coach for motivation and support throughout the career search process
  • Don’t rely on internships alone to lead to full time employment
  • Work with career professionals with active careers and networks outside of academia for real-world advice and deep insight into the positions, companies and industries students are exploring

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

We spend a small fortune to get our kids into good schools

  • —$500-$3,000 for college entrance exam prep
  • —$1,000+ for subject matter tutors
  • —$750-$1000 for college applications
  • —Untold $0000s for lessons, equipment, team memberships, community service experiences in remote destinations and summer pre-college programs

For a comparatively small investment…

—You can speed your kids’ path to economic independence, personal satisfaction and growth:

  • Employed with a good career trajectory
  • Not living at home
  • Able to repay student loans
  • Confident
  • Gratified

Parent’s Perspectives

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