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Career skills are an important asset for any student, graduate or career changer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker holds 10 different jobs before they turn 40 and will probably hold to 12-15 over their lifetime (Forrester Research).… Read on!

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Internships and other job shadowing opportunities are terrific!

  • They give you a chance to get a taste of what certain work environments are like and what a particular profession or industry may entail
  • They provide a forum for networking
  • Optimally, you may acquire useful skills, experiences and insights you can discuss when you interview with potential employers

However, they are not all created equal, and don’t all deliver the desired results:

  • Conversion rates from internships to fulltime positions are declining (@48%, down from 59% in 2012).
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If they could do it again, what kind of career help would recent grads look for?

Career Discovery and Fit

“Looking at all of the different position types to understand what position I would best fit.”

“Having someone there, who knows the career opportunities, the different paths and the industries available for someone with my background would have been invaluable and likely would’ve saved me months of aimlessly applying to jobs across a number of fields.”

Informational Interviews

“I would’ve liked to have talked to someone in my position, who had either followed a similar career path or who has a similar background.

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