Parent’s Perspectives

Here is a place for parents in our community to read blog posts regarding their own journey/their kids’ journey!

Blog submissions are being accepted! If you have something to say, please contact us!

We take up topics like:

  • How things have changed for job seekers of this generation
  • What they worry about
  • How we can help them
  • Success Stories

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eggs in a nest

Think back 20 years ago. You were young parents (or would be parents). Back then, you probably imagined that, once your children left for college, you would be empty nesters, free once more to pursue unfinished dreams and live where you wanted to live.… Read on!

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Career skills are an important asset for any student, graduate or career changer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker holds 10 different jobs before they turn 40 and will probably hold to 12-15 over their lifetime (Forrester Research).… Read on!