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We help liberal and performing arts students discover, prepare for and land great jobs

At Career Connectors, we help you make meaningful connections:

  • Between your skills, experiences, interests and values and potential career paths and employers
  • Between potential career paths and people who can educate you about them
  • Between how you present yourself and how potential employers perceive you
  • Between real jobs and people who can connect you to them


Your skills, experience, values

Pros Who Know

Career Paths

Marketing Tools

Real Jobs

We are HR recruiters, headhunters, hiring managers, career counselors, executive coaches, and brand strategists with decades of experience under our belts. 

We can help you:

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• Know yourself
• Explore career paths

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Our executive coaches have PhDs in clinical psychology and can help unlock your passions, interests and values to find a fit to future employers and roles.

They help you uncover and eliminate self-limiting beliefs so you can present yourself with confidence to future employers

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• Identify your strengths
• Make your strengths relevant

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We have the inside scoop on what recruiters and hiring managers look for in candidates. As branding experts, we will help you tell a clear and compelling story about who you are and what you have to offer. We make sure that EVERY touchpoint (on and offline) represents you well.

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• Find the right people
• Make meaningful connections

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We bring our vast professional networks across multiple industries for informational interviews, mock interviews and real job placement. But we show you how to connect comfortably and successfully, no matter your field of interest or fear of phones!

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• Interview and negotiate
• Settle into your new job

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As former HR recruiters we are savvy negotiators, armed with insight into the prevailing salaries by level and industry.

We are fluent in both Gen Z and Gen X so we can teach you cultural and language tips to be successful in interviews and on the job with Gen X managers.

Who We Work With:

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  • Students – College Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
  • Recent graduates
  • Career changers
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Career Services and alumni associations for liberal arts institutions – enabling schools to expand their services to address the diverse needs of their students and achieve the results expected of competitive institutions

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We are also parents, and know how important it is for our adult children to become economically independent, gain confidence and obtain career satisfaction

How We’re Different



Our service is tailored to your individual needs Other services hand you resume templates and job listings
Our multidisciplinary approach is comprehensive and highly effective Other services excel at one or two stages of the journey only
We are major-agnostic (but are partial to artists, synthesizers and status quo challengers) Other services cater to particular majors or career interests
We work with you till you're hired and beyond We are not aware of any other career advisory services which offer on-boarding and settling in as part of the career journey
We give you tools you can use throughout your career Other services do the heavy lifting for you, which helps you for that particular job search
We are not interested in turning everyone into professional coders Some services offer courses to turn anyone into project managers, UX experts and coders. Okay to learn, but not a career for everyone